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  • Benefits of partnering
  • Heartwood's partnership model

At Heartwood, we understand how important it is for you to focus on the personal service you provide to your clients.

Partnering with Heartwood, a boutique investment manager, allows you to focus your time on your number one priority - your client. 

We believe our diversified multi asset solutions can add value to your business and provide a range of outcomes that satisfy the majority of your clients' life goals.

We believe in a true partnership with the firms we work with - putting them at the centre of everything we do.

Benefits of partnering

The service you provide your client is paramount and critical to the success of your business. Outsourcing investment management allows you to concentrate on this.

Partnering with the right investment manager should enable you to offer a consistent and transparent solution to your clients, as well as the ability to challenge your manager on both their performance and service.

Benefits of outsourcing investment management include:

- An enriched relationship with your clients, allowing you to focus on providing valuable financial advice

- An efficient solution that improves adviser profitability and frees up your time

- Control and ownership of the client relationship

Heartwood's partnership model

Heartwood's partnership model gives you:

- A range of high quality multi asset solutions delivering consistent client outcomes

- A straightforward, clear and compelling investment offering

- Long-established boutique investment manager

- First-rate tools to complement your advice process

- Real-time, quality reporting

- Client ownership

- Dedicated intermediary support

- Direct access to Heartwood's investment team

"Heartwood’s partner-centric approach provides us with invaluable investment materials that give me the peace of mind that my clients’ money is being well looked after. It is also reassuring that Client Directors and the Investment Team are just a phone call away."

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