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Our culture

Heartwood Investment Management, a specialist multi asset, boutique investment manager, is the asset management arm of Handelsbanken in the UK.  

We aim to preserve and build the value of client assets by investing with an institutional approach and a high level of personal service.

Putting people first is at the heart of our culture: looking after the client, keeping our proposition simple and focusing our staff on what they are good at. We take a long-term view, both for our investments and for our business.

1988 Established in
2013 Acquired by Handelsbanken in
£3.7bn Current AUMA

Heartwood was established in 1988 and acquired by Swedish bank Handelsbanken in 2013. This marked the joining of a similar set of cultures and beliefs with an absolute and complete focus on client outcomes. Handelsbanken is one of the world’s strongest banks with over 800 branches worldwide including over 200 in the UK.

Sustainability has long been a natural component of our fundamental values and as part of Handelsbanken, we support international initiatives for corporate sustainability. Handelsbanken is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

We manage portfolios for private clients through Handelsbanken Wealth Management and offer our investment management services directly to charities, institutions and individuals through professional intermediaries.

Handelsbanken is one of the world's strongest banks, with over 800 branches worldwide including over 200 in the UK.

Our proposition

As a multi award-winning boutique investment business, we offer a simple proposition incorporating a range of investment strategies (core, sustainable, and income) designed to appeal to clients with varying return objectives and risk tolerance.  

Each of our investment strategies has a clear target return benchmark, and we focus on delivering positive real returns over the long term. This objective promotes transparency and focus, for both us and our clients.

A team approach

Many investment firms put the spotlight on a few individuals. At Heartwood, we harness the combined strength of the whole team so that great ideas always get the attention they deserve.

Decisions face a healthy challenge. Recommendations are debated. And we take collective responsibility for delivering returns that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our clients

When managing investments, we expect to be held accountable. We believe clients have a right to be told, clearly, how their investment strategy is performing. In our communication, we strive to be open and frank, in both good times and bad.

Building on that, we try to make ourselves accessible, creating opportunities for clients to meet and directly question members of our investment team.

We also offer clients access to our award-winning Dynamic Client Centre. This provides round-the-clock access to portfolios via desktop, tablet and mobile devices, including  daily performance analysis and insightful commentary on each of Heartwood’s investment strategies.

We try to make ourselves accessible, creating opportunities for clients to meet and directly question members of our investment team.

Our approach is most likely to appeal to:

  •  Clients who are looking for real returns over the medium to long term.
  •  Clients who appreciate a degree of certainty (but not a guarantee) within their investments.
  • Clients who want to understand the investment journey in both rising and falling markets.
  • Clients who want to invest sustainably.
  • Clients moving into retirement who want to smooth their investment journey while taking an income from their savings.

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