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Ethical strategies

Our ethical strategies are globally diversified portfolios containing ethically screened investments which we believe have the potential to deliver strong long-term risk adjusted performance.

They benefit from the same active investment and risk management as our other multi asset strategies and are suitable for investors who want to align their personal values with their investment needs.

An integrated approach to ethical screening

We employ an integrated approach to screening in order to deliver truly ethical portfolios. Our negative screening process specifically looks to exclude businesses that derive significant profit from the five sectors we know ethical investors seek to avoid: Tobacco, Alcohol, Gambling, Adult Entertainment and Defence and Weapons.

Many of the investments that are explicitly negatively screened also have the added benefit of a positive overlay that discriminates in favour of companies that score well on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors.

In addition, we seek to add further value by including positive thematic or explicit ESG investments that we believe provide opportunities for outperformance.

There are two ethical strategies which map directly to our balanced and growth risk profiles. They are available as segregated portfolios. 

Ethical Balanced
  • Performance benchmark CPI +3% p.a. over a rolling five year period
  • For investors who have a medium tolerance to risk
Ethical Growth
  • Performance benchmark CPI +4% p.a over a rolling five year period
  • For investors who have a higher tolerance to risk


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